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Everyone got stories to tell, especially their travel stories!

We all travel, sometime planned or sometime unplanned. We travel with family, friends or even solo. We travel by car, bus, train, flight or by motorbike or bicycle. Many modes of travel but aimed at a single motto..joy of travel! We try to capture those moments in cameras or in our eyes to cherish them our lifetime. We enjoy various experiences.. some funny incidents, some adventurous actions, something terrifying or something which becomes once in a lifetime moment.

Why don’t share those wonderful travel tales with the world? Why don’t share those captured moments to include the world as well?

Sharing on social like facebook, twitter can be fascinating for a time-being but our stories get lost in those timelines or activity streams. Lets create permanent record of our travel stories in blog style.

PuneRider provides you a simple platform to create your own blog and share it with the world. It’s a free place for free souls.

Join now! Be part of the community and start sharing your stories on your own lifetime blog!

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