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PuneRider provides a wonderful platform to all travelers and travel bloggers to come together & share travel tales with the world. Own your blog and start having permanent records of your stories which you can cherish for lifetime. You can share own travel stories or can share your blog here. PuneRider is meant for travelers and travel enthusiastic..it’s all about traveling and exploring the amazing world around.

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It’s as easy as writing a story in your diary. Just register & join the community and start writing! Please refer FAQs to understand how it works and for the answers to the queries you may have.

Guidelines to make it a better place..

To ensure that our community and readers enjoys wonderful stories and great content, we follow some not-so bad guidelines. This to avoid any bad post with offensive content, to keep away spammers & bad marketing / advertising people and to clean duplicate content from copy-cats.

  • We have a single subject – Travel

Posts accepted for below categories for now. Many more to come soon:

If you are not sure about the category for your post, don’t worry! Submit your post and we will assign the relevant one!

  • Not too short..Not too long

Recommended post length is 300 words minimum and around 800 words maximum. This keeps reader engaged. If you have longer posts, you divide them in parts like my story – Part I, my story – Part II.

  • A Picture speaks thousands of words

Adding images to your story gives virtual experience to the reader. At least one featured image for the post is required. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, we will try to add one relevant.

Maximum image size allowed is of 2mb.

  • We love originals..No duplicates & Copy-Paste

We all love original..isn’t it? Write it in your natural way. If you want publish the story which you have already shared on the web, you can create post which will highlight that story in different way. If you are referencing any information from other source like book, magazine or website, please provide link or mention it to make your post more authentic.

  • Link allowed..Links not

If you are sharing your existing blog or blog post in your story, feel free to add your link in the post. One or two links look good. Post with many links will not be allowed here. Remember..we are not advertisement or marketing platform.

  • Subject to Review and Approval

All your submitted post will pass through our review team. This will be quick and you will be notified once the post is published. Based upon our guidelines, your post will be approved or rejected. We may have some editorials like grammar fixes, image alignments or adding some references, but we will surely not alter your original content in big way. This is make your post better!

  • Copyrights and ownership of the content

All content submitted by you remains your property! We may use the content in our platform like featured post, promotional content to make your post more reachable to the wide audience.

Enjoy travelling, enjoy blogging!

(please read ‘Terms & Conditions’ & ‘Privacy Policy’ to clarify further doubts)